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“Inhale Hope, Exhale Inevitability”


People often compare their pain. Like, if someone confiding their pain to them, they immediately talk about familiar patterns they have encountered in their life without acknowledging or giving justice to their experiences. Someone feels pain in their knee while…

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Travel blog post by Neeraj Brahmankar.


Travel is a kaleidoscope of people. I believe people don’t travel;their experiences, grief, and joy also travel along with them from one place to another, as if fluttering butterflies are switching between the gardens of their choice. People immersed in…

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Mother - Blog Post


A plant has a history. History of constant love and care through motherhood of respiration. A plant is the adult form of a seed. The motherhood of a plant transforms from early stages of respiration to later stages of photosynthesis.…

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Dogs don’t wag their tails at people. They wag their tails at the creatures bustling with prejudice and vanity or who have the slightest form of empathy towards the ones who wag as a form of informal communication. The slow…

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