Travel is a kaleidoscope of people. I believe people don’t travel;their experiences, grief, and joy also travel along with them from one place to another, as if fluttering butterflies are switching between the gardens of their choice. People immersed in their smartphones are denying what nature is offering through a beautiful sunrise just outside the window of their aeroplane. On the other hand, some are living in the moment by paying attention to what surrounds them. Generalising is a byproduct of the conclusions we jump to without knowing someone’s story. A person who is not looking at the sunrise may be trying to distract himself with screen time, or he may be so familiar or fed up with the concept of “peace” that simply looking at the sun for a few minutes does not provide him with the excitement he used to feel before “life” happened to him. Judging someone without walking in their shoes is a puerile thing to do. People don’t think, and that is why they judge. An aeroplane doesn’t carry passengers; it carries a quagmire of decisions, a caravan of delight, hope entangled in the eyes, and teary sorrow flowing inconsistently through the reservoir of pain.

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