A plant has a history. History of constant love and care through motherhood of respiration. A plant is the adult form of a seed. The motherhood of a plant transforms from early stages of respiration to later stages of photosynthesis. From hearing the first cry to seeing the rare sight of an adult child crying inconsolably in her lap, like glaciers melting at the lap of valleys, the lap of a mother is an ocean where riverine children surrender. Motherhood too transforms from love and care for her child to the later stages of old age, where wrinkles cover up the face as if clouds hover over mountains. Abandonment is a contagious disease, one that spreads due to the virus of ungratefulness. No mother deserves an old age home, and no mother deserves a child who will treat her like a disposal once she is no longer available for them as she used to be. “Ageing is a metamorphosis of life; no one can escape it.” It is important to know the depth of inevitability before stepping into the river of life. And even if the depth is known, if given a choice, a wise man would hesitate to step into the “same river” twice. However, knowing the inevitable is necessary to live and thrive. To live, one must remain alive. To thrive, never forget your history—an ocean where you used to surrender.

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