People often compare their pain. Like, if someone confiding their pain to them, they immediately talk about familiar patterns they have encountered in their life without acknowledging or giving justice to their experiences. Someone feels pain in their knee while climbing a mountain, while a toddler makes efforts to sit on the sofa, which is three times his height. I feel that having an ‘experience of pain’ and feeling pain ‘at the given moment’ are two different things. A person who has experienced pain can say he has a better endurance capacity subjected to his triumphs and survival, but a person who is just going through a painful experience should not be compared with the former one. Some people recall their painful experiences at the given moment and say, “I have gone through a lot; may be what you feel right now is nothing as compared to my pain’. But I feel the other person who is still learning the intricacies of life and still adopting change should not be judged on their ability to handle their side of the pain at the present time. Let the time run its course. For an adult, climbing a mountain is an uphill task, while for a toddler, just reaching out to his place on the sofa seems like an achilles’ heel. Protect individualism, the degree of pain one can endure without comparing the’sizes’ of pain based on experience. Each one of us has a different life path. Adults should not blow their own trumpet by giving unsolitated advice to younger generations about how their pain is or was much bigger than theirs. Let young people craft their own story. Because it’s not pain that reverberates in the mountains of existence; it’s the initial impact of being an echo that causes turbulence in a blink of an eye. And that ‘impact’ is the same for an adult and for a toddler. There is no one-size-fits all approach to life.

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