“What I Learned from the Richest Man in the World”: A Book Review

What is life? a cell that undergoes metabolism? Is it only about cells, organisms, plants, animals, physical entities, or about the process by which we are all connected somehow?

Did Aristotle, who first classified organisms, know that his ancestor was an amoeba?

Charles Darwin said, “Being fit is the prerequisite to surviving.” We call it the “survival of the fittest” theory. The definition of life varies from person to person. The world is different through everyone’s lenses, but Alan Cohen has come up with different implications about life.

In his book “What I learned from the Richest Man in the World,” he cooked the dish of life using the spices of philosophy. Life is like a dish. If we add spices from philosophy to it, it does taste good. A pure philosophy laden with advisability will force you to think about the questions that ponder inside your heart but never find their way out. There are a total of 15 lessons in this book; each lesson is able to turn you over a new leaf. The story tells us “how prayers are answered” and “how a pure heart works as a magnet that attracts the positivity around him.” In this book, life is simplified in a much better way. This book is about universal truths.

The story is framed in a fictional format. He does not call himself a spiritual man, certainly not a religious one. Wailing in the agony, his spirit calls out for relief. His answers showed up in the form of Bert Everit, the owner of the wheelbarrow factory.

You do not know this man, but he knows you. Flipping through the pages of this book, you will learn about your own Bert Everit.

Mr. Everit is not interested in accolades. He adjures you, “Do not judge the book of life by its cover.” He urges you to make that paradigm shift, which is the need of the hour. This book will guide you through complex times. This book tells you everything you need to know about achieving success in all formats.

Death is at our heels. This book tells us about giving time to our loved ones and shedding the false ego like trees shed arrogance in the form of leaves in autumn! In our lives, a spring of realisation might come with a changed attitude towards life, like new leaves appearing on a tree.

Mr. Everit is the medium through which the truth has been spoken. He is the voice of wisdom for all.

If you assimilate even one of Mr. Everit’s lessons, you are well on your way.

Have a wonderful journey with Mr. Everit. You will discover that He is the food of love for your starving heart!

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